Horner Wildlife Refuge

A large population of deer thrive on the land surrounding the observatory. The picture was taken on a Saturday morning in mid-October,1996. It was the next to last day of archery hunting season. This animal walked up behind our roll roof building where I had been waiting for about half an hour. After the shutter snapped, before running away, she stamped her feet and snorted fiercely at me.

Just beyond this nice web outside the main building's front door, is the solar observation equipment and beyond that, one of the sanctuary's three ponds.

The Babbitt Family originally owned this land. George Babbitt's Farm and the Babbitt Mill are indicated on this map of Brownsboro from the 1800's.

A family cemetery with readable stones dating back to the mid-1800's (and many with dates too weathered to read) lies just south of the road to the observatory.

Dr. Kielkopf got some photos of the Babbitt house in January of 1989. The structure was torn down that autumn.

The road continues past the meadow where the old barn was and turns up the hill to the observatory.

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